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Nervous patients at the dentist

If you are a nervous at the dentist, communicate your concerns before your dental appointment and we can work with you to come up with a plan to help you feel more comfortable during the dental treatment.

nervous patient Dental wand local anaesthesia

Wand STA Pain-free Dental Anaesthesia

At the dentist are you scared it it will be sore or wont be Numb? Are you Needle phobic? Not to worry, we have the Wand STA. The Wand STA is a computerised local anaesthesia system that can determine the numbness of the tooth from its sensors & will display when the tooth is numb through a light on it's display. It also has a simple looking pen appearnce rather than a big scary injection, & automatically delivers the Numbing painlessly using its computerised sensors & controls. The STA in its name stands for Single Tooth Anaesthesia, as it able to numb teeth individually without the horrible swollen face feeling.

girl with dental headphones

Sound Check

If whistling sound of the drill or the noises during treatment make you shudder, not to worry we got you covered. We have electric dental handpieces which are much quieter than the conventional whistling drills. Also with our 3M Peltor Optime III Earmuffs with Noise cancellation by 35dB; the already quieter electric handpiece becomes more like a whisper. You are welcome to bring your own headphones along to listen to something you like & relax, the Peltor Optime wil fit over them comfortably.

dental chair at bourne dental at sobo

That "Feeling"

Some dental chairs jolt you around suddenly like you are in a rollercoaster. Our Dental clinic uses a top of the range Adec 500. Adec have a respected name in the dentistry sphere for comfort & reliability. When you get leaned back in the chair, it is not only the back rest that is reclined, but the whole chair moves in a slow gentle cradling motion. The light has dimable options so it is not too bright & we will provide you shaded glasses to wear.

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From the open free layout, calming colour schemes & design of our dental clinic; we spared no expense to ensure your time with us is pain free, relaxing & even enjoyable, why not have a virtual tour yourself below.
if you want to get to know us better first before your visit or are in pain & need assistance but can't make it to our clinic we offer dental video consultations from the comfort of your home.
When you are in our dental clinic we have all our discussions about your treatment in a non clinical consultation room or area so you feel more at ease.

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